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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Music and Worship



The Praise & Worship Choir - The cornerstone of the choral ministry, this group leads in Sunday morning worship and special presentations throughout the year such as Sanctuary, The Resurrection & The Life, Believe, Remember, Never Thirst Again, and Joy, Joy, Joy.  There are no auditions or prerequisites for membership other than a love for the Lord and a call to serve Him through music.

The Sounds of Celebration Orchestra - This group provides the foundation for instrumental ministry at Westwood and is comprised of individuals of all ages who have some level of instrumental musical training. 

Kid’s Praise! Choir - Children from three years of age through the sixth grade are taught fundamentals of music as well as foundations for worship through Kids Praise! They share together by age group under the direction of specially trained and dedicated individuals, with performance opportunities throughout the year

Production & Technical Arts - Production and Technical Arts teams work with extraordinary faithfulness in audio, video, lighting, costuming, set construction, and properties.  Although these activities are behind the scenes, the exercise of these God-given talents make enjoyment of the worship arts possible for everyone.
For More Information, Please Contact:

Music and Worship Arts Ministry
Westwood Baptist
2349 Forestdale Blvd.
Birmingham, Alabama  35214

Phone: (205) 798-3341