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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Christian Music FAQ

Good Music?

          So many people look at the wrong things as good music:  there's a new band out with an awesome album, this new artist has a voice that could shatter glass, or even this guitar player's riffs are unbelievable.  They're missing out on so many things!  Music is more than just a few guitar licks with a nice voice to go along with it. One thing that I know that people are missing out on is Christian Music.  People think that most of it is just untalented artists trying to gain fame and fortune by supposedly giving God the glory.  This is not true, though;  A lot of these artists truly love God and will do their best to bring Him the glory through the talents that He has given them.

          A good friend of mine once told me "For any secular band there is a non-secular band just like it."  The meaning of those words kinda just lingered in my head for awhile.  I started to think really hard about it, and soon found that there may be some truth in that statement, but it is not all truth.  I began to think about all the rappers and heavy metal bands that curse and such, and wonder what equal band was formed in Christ's name.  After thinking about it a little more, though, I realized he was right.  There have been these heavy metal bands that cursed worse than a sailor during a storm, but at some point in their life, they turned to Christ, and then cleaned up their lyrics.  In this way, they're just like the other bands, only with a new mindset.  So yes, there is an equivalent Christian band for any other band out there.

          "How do you make the change, from secular to non-secular music?"  I hear that question a lot.  There's a simple answer, though.  Staying strong in your walk with Christ will eventually leave you wanting to please Him constantly.  Eventually, you'll start to notice that the things you are listening to may not please God.  Don't worry, there's a simple solution:  Listen to things that do.  With time, you won't want to listen to worldy music, but instead to songs that sing about His glory or how He brought someone through a rough time.  And believe me, if I can find Christian music that I love, then you can too.

          So that brings up a curious quesiton.. what did I listen to before I found my interest only in Christian Music?  Well, to tell the truth, I was a Pop-Punk type of person.  I loved Green Day, blink-182, Offspring, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  But you know what I found out by listening to more and more of them?  It was all the same: a temporary fulfillment of happiness.  I thought that that music could keep my going with it's awesome drum beats, outstanding rhythms, and contemplative ideals, but the truth is that I was just seeking more and more, never being filled.  Christian music fills me up, not because of the amazing guitar riffs or vocal talents, but because it praises my Creator, which is the reason I'm even here.  So I urge you to try some Christian bands.. instead of Green Day try Day of Fire.  Instead of blink-182 try Relient K.  Instead of Lincoln Park try Falling Up.  Believe me, you'll find that praising God through every second of your music life, instead of just on Sunday/Wednesday services, is much more enjoyable.

Find it yourself!


         Ok, so now you can't stop listening to Christian music, and you want to know how to find more.  I'll tell you a little secret:  It's everywhere, you just have to know where to look.  A great resource for finding this type of music is the internet, just like everything else.  You can also go to many retail stores and look through the different Christian CDs out there.  Anoher way that doesn't always work is listening to your local Christian Radio Station for tour dates and info on certain bands.  Also, you could always ask your friends for great bands.. I know a lot of mine have great tastes in music.

          All right.. you're ready to go out on your own and find that great music that glorifies God.. the first you start is the internet.. but it's so easy to get side-tracked and lost in everything else on there, that it's hard to stay focused and reach your goals.  Thankfully, I have some quick links that can get you started on your path:  Purevolume.com is the first one right out of the bag, with it's amazing availability to different people who are looking to find those bands that might not be the most popular.  You can search for the bands in different areas, by different shows, and also by their songs.  They also let you listen to several of the bands songs, in case you have to listen to buy.  Note:  This is not entirely a Christian site, although it has many bands that are. 


          There are a lot of stores that sell plenty of good Christian Music.  Your local Wal-Mart probably has more than you may think it has.  If you need to find some bands that may not be as widely known as those in Wal-Mart, you can always try the local Lifeway Christian Store, or anything that is like it should have something for teens to look through for great music.  Though these stores can sometimes be a little more expensive, they have amazing bands that you wouldn't think could even ship their album this far.  You may want to place a call to them before you leave to go see if they have the CD you are hoping for, though.

          Lastly, there are two major sources of finding music that work really well for me: 93.7 WDJC and my friends.  Hah, your first response may be "I can't stand that radio station.. they play nothing good."  That's not true!  They do play a lot of music that is not my style, but they play a lot more that I really like.  Also a plus about the station is they almost always will state the name of the band and the name of the song if they just played it or are about to.  Also, ask your friends!  If you're friends with them, chances are you have something in common!  If that thing is music, then there ya go!  Ask them for help in selecting Christian music; I'm sure they'd be more than willing to let you listen to their new favorite band.


 Christian.. or not..?

          Now you can find it yourself.. but the thing is, you may be confused if something is Christian or not.  Truth is, a lot of us are.  There are so many bands that claim to be Christian, but may do things that cause people to think otherwise.  Others can have lyrics that seem to point to God, but are maybe missing one or two different words to do so.  Well.. are they Christian or not?  You have to be really careful when deciding this, but here are a few pointers to maybe help you do so.  Notice: These are not guidelines for a band to be proven to be Christian, but simply questions that may help you decide on your own whether you should be listening to them.

          1. What do their lyrics focus around?  Just because they talk about an amazing person that loves everybody doesn't mean that they are talking about God.  Even so, just because they mention God does not mean they are a Christian band and are praising Him;  In fact, a lot of bands take God's name in vain and are by no means pleasing Him with their music.  If their lyrics consist of telling how great God is, then that's just obvious, but what if they never really mention God?  Thrice is a good example.  A lot of their songs sound Christian, "Image of the Invisible" and "Music Box" are two great examples of their's.  The first talks about how we're more than just carbon-made creations, and that we should stand up and do our job.  The second talks about how we are not alone, and that we feel an unseen love.  Sounds Godly, right?  It does to me!  Yet they do not directly mention God.. hmm.. are they Christian?

          2.  Have you looked into the band themselves, not just the lyrics?  Just cause a band claims to be Christian does not mean they are.  You have to check your facts, and most of the time dig deep through certain bio's of people to find their beliefs, but believe me, it's worth it.  I know certain people who look for good music by doing searches on their lyrics and their beliefs, not just the sound of their band.  Maybe we should start to do the same.

          3. In the end, are they praising God? I think that you have to insert your own opinion in whether or not you should be listening to a certain band.  If you believe they are praising God, then praise Him along with them; If not, then find another band.  Although it kind of seems judgemental to ask that question, almost every Christian can tell if something is praising God or not, and mostly all of us also know what to do if something is not.  So I leave the rest to you.  A good rule of thumb is "If you have to ask, then no."